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Gastonia, NC


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DO NOT BRING ANY DOGS OR ANIMALS IN YOUR VEHICLE TO OUR FARM! My guard dog is protective with other animals on our property.  Not responsible for vehicle or other damage.


We were on TV! Click to hear


We were in the newspaper several times:






The greatest compliment that you can receive is having someone copy you. Yes creative thinking is hard to do. 



Whispering Hope Farm.com LLC specializes in:

**Parties at the farm or we bring the farm to you. With us you aren't trying to pat the animals thru a 
   fence, you get to hold and stand next to the animals without a fence, very hands on!
**Various Events at the farm, check out the Open Farm Days page for more info
**Homesteading Crafts & Skills Classes
**Summer Farm Camps!!! both at the farm or we bring the animals to your Summer Camp
**Animal therapy
**Farm Fresh Products including Goat MIlk Products!


Come party at Whispering Hope Farm.com LLC in Gastonia, NC outside of Charlotte or we can bring the animals to you! We have a heated/cooled Party House. Party with a pony (Friday and Champ); Spottydotty, Mr. Dot and Polkadot the mini silky fainting goats; Gertrude, Genevieve, Gilda, Gretchen and Giovanni, the nigerian dwarf dairy goats; Lila Jane and Lola Jean, the southdown babydoll sheep; Lil Red the norweigen red/jersey cow that we milk; Penelope and Peggy Lou, the mini potbelly pigs; lots of chicks; Bentley and Bear, the great pyrenees livestock guard dogs; AND 7 breeds of bunnies. We party year round! 


During the 9 years that we have been doing events, our clientele has included farmers' markets, nursing homes, child daycare centers, schools, medical customer appreciation days, town events, Nascar Driver events, corporate events, churches, neighborhoods, and many private parties. We have been on tv, radio, and many newspapers!


What sets Whispering Hope Farm.com LLC apart from other farms is that we are very hands on with our animals. We are a small farm with mostly smaller sized animals that are non intimidating for small children. Our animals are used to being touched and held since they have been loved on by thousands of people! We also usually have at least one goat in milk and now we have a cow, Lil Red, in milk! Young and old alike enjoy coming in our Milk House and trying their hand at milking! 


At Whispering Hope Farm.com LLC we do birthday parties at our place or yours, small and large events (company events, neighborhoods, churches, towns, etc.), animal therapy at our place or your facility, day cares, schools, etc. We also love to host adult or child bunny tea parties with all of our bunny china accessories. 


We enjoy our animals and want to share them with you since most people do not have access to experience farm life with some sweet animals.


If you want to see the farm (lots of pics here and on facebook - Whispering Hope Farm) whether on a field trip or just to see our facility, you can come to a private immediate family field trip during the week for $39/hour which includes a horse ride and interacting with the animals.



Whispering Hope Farm.com LLC is excited to offer homesteading classes from several experienced people! 


Available - Raw Cow Milk!!! Lil Red is fed GMO FREE food so the milk is extra delicious. Legally sold in NC for animal consumption only. We have been enjoying the milk since last February and love to make cheese for our family.


Annual Flashlight and Daylight Easter Egg Hunts - at Whispering Hope Farm.com LLC! just posted on the Open Farm Page


Available - 5 baby boy goats - mini silky fainting goats and nigerian dwarf goats



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